Bitbon System Overview

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Bitbon System Overview

The Bitbon System opens new possibilities for business and investing, which is why its overview will be useful for both entrepreneurs and users interested in profitable investments and attracting funds. With the development of crypto industry, new means of attracting financing and earning passive income from investing have emerged, however, the new field also involves a number of risks. The Bitbon System combines the advantages of both innovative crypto projects and reliable traditional means of conducting business. The overview of the Bitbon System and its main component, the Bitbon crypto value, will help to better understand the essence of the project, its advantages and the possibilities it opens for users.

Problems of the Era of ICO Startups

Bitcoin was the first popular example of the use of Blockchain. A number of ways of its application appeared after the world had realized the value of this technology. Smart contracts based on Blockchain allowed various ideas and startups to attract funds without the obligatory licensing and exchange entry. This led to the creation of ICOs.

Bitbon System Overview

ICO tokens give users an abstract property right to a share in the business or they are simply an internal currency. Despite all the benefits of such a system, it is based on trust, and there is a high risk of scams from the side of ICO organizers. There are also problems with the liquidity of crypto currency.

Solutions Offered by the Bitbon System

The Bitbon System is a decentralized marketplace that allows startups to conduct a crowdsale with all the ICO simplicity, but at the same time, providing investors with certain guarantees. The Bitbon System has introduced a new service called IBO that gives investors the right to participate in the allocation of profit from the business they are financing. Unlike regular crypto currencies, Bitbon crypto value is backed by real assets.

IBO Structure

IBO is a format of business relations that has several participants and accompanying elements. First and foremost, Contractat — a creator or a representative of the startup or business that requires investments. The Contractat creates the offer for investors and forms the initial terms of the IBO. Afterwards, the Bitup-Agency examines an offer and, based on it, creates a public contract — a document, regulating all terms and conditions of interaction between the business project parties.

The public contract also ensures the legality of investments in the IBO and protects the rights of Contributors — people willing to finance the project according to the agreement. The Contributors’ benefit is also specified in the contract: it can be a share of the business, regular dividend payments and so on.


The Bitbon System is the next step in the development of the financial field. Marketplace functioning mechanisms include elements of crowdfunding, loan services, as well as ICOs. Using the Bitbon System, startups can attract additional funding on profitable terms, whereas investors do not need to worry about their funds and can be confident that their rights are protected.

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